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Minds of ABSParis : Sarah A., BBA3, School Ambassador

ABSParis & You Name: Sarah Age: 22 Nationality: French/Algerian Spoken languages : French, Arabic (Algerian), English Program: BBA 3years, International Business Why ABSParis?: When I was in high school I did an internship in Dublin and I realized that an [Read more…]

MBA: 3 career reasons why students get their degree online

Now that you’ve decided that an MBA degree is what you need to advance your career, it’s time to decide what type of MBA program is best for your profile, for your lifestyle and for your financial capacities. You must [Read more…]

Étudiant Magazine rewards the American Business School of Paris

To start this new year, the Étudiant Magazine established a ranking in order to determine the best business schools according to precise criteria such as the integration in the work place for foreign students. The 2017 ranking of business schools [Read more…]

4 reasons why Paris is the best city for international students

Studying abroad teaches you things that a class can never teach you… It is the best way the complement your undergraduate curriculum with an international experience. After the US and England, France is the third most popular destination for international [Read more…]

Our top 5 NBA draft prospect for 2016

While Europeans are glued to the box to support their national teams for the French EURO, Americans highly anticipate the 2016 NBA draft, which will be held on June 23 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Amateur U.S college players and [Read more…]

U.S Election: Worldwide American students can vote too

The first National Republican and Democratic Conventions saw the light of day in 1831 and 1832. Since then, National Conventions are held every four years to nominate the candidates that will run for the presidential election. This year, after long and sharp political [Read more…]