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Fashion week: Paris opens its doors to the fashion world

Fashion victims are waiting for it. Fashion houses and designers are preparing for it. From September 27th to October 5th, 2016, Paris will host the most famous brands and designers, who are going to reveal their upcoming collections in a series of outstanding runway shows. Here’s what you need to know about the event…

What does it look like ?

Fashion weeks are special moments for designers to express and show their creativity and sense of style. They try to make the biggest impact they can while introducing their upcoming collections. So that means they’ll show eccentric and very dramatic versions (sometimes unwearable) of what will end up in the stores. If you were wondering why we often see eccentric clothes in fashion weeks, then you should know that all clothes that are being showed in fashion runways aren’t meant to be in people’s wardrobes. The event is known to welcome fashion bloggers, journalists, designers, fashion houses, photographers and also celebrities.

How to attend the Paris fashion week ?

Even if attendance opportunities are generally based on your connections to the industry, there are also other alternatives for simple individuals to attend the event. First, you can apply at the French Federation of Fashion which can give you an accreditation. Secondly, you can try to contact the designers directly, as each year the schedule is posted with designers’ contact. Last but not least: when the room is not completely filled, the organizers let in a certain number of people. Indeed, the guards have orders to fill the room by letting the well-dressed people! Isn’t that great? So just put on your Sunday best and cross your fingers! Other tips are given here.