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Company Case 2017 : students developing solutions for real world challenges that companies are facing


ABSParis’ students are tomorrow’s international managers! What’s better than practicing what you have learned in the classroom with real world company problems? That’s the goal of the Company Case Project.


The Company Case Project is a capstone activity for students who are close to graduation in all 3 programs at ABSParis. Students work on real-world challenges brought by partner companies, to research and develop suggestions and solutions to these problems. This 2-month exercise engages students in small multicultural groups to bring fresh-eyes and a millennial’s perspective to a real-world challenge from companies in different sectors – finance, communications, HR, consumer products and services, retail, luxury, international business, and more.

This exercise follows the Harvard Business School method which consists in applying academic knowledge to real world issues. It is an occasion for ABSParis’ students to practice what they have learned and use their knowledge to solve problems that they will likely face when they enter the job market.

In total, 110 students are participating in the 2017 exercise :

The teams are put together with a maximum of diversity in terms of age, gender, language and cultural background. This teaches them to be productive in an international and multicultural team environment. Each team presents their solutions in front of company representatives in pre-recorded video format. Following their 15-minute video presentation, a Q&A session allows the company to ask questions of team members, to better understand the reasoning behind the solutions presented.

What are the « Company Cases »?

International companies such as General Electric, Société Générale, Pernod Ricard, Amazon, Galaries Lafayette, Kerry, Groupon and many more and from various sectors, going from beauty and fashion, to banking and communication agencies, have provided challenges they are facing. Each team of students will focus on one challenge and develop recommendations and solutions to address the issue.


The student teams have support from ABSParis professors acting as tutors and coaches to ensure the projects stay on track and to check progress. In addition, the company provides a representative to offer information and feedback to the students throughout the project.

8 dates to keep in mind :

  • February 9th – 6.30PM to 8.30PM : Program Introduction and Kick-off. This is the launch of the exercise and the first opportunity for the teams to meet each other, learn about their challenges, meet their tutors and get guidance for the 1st steps of the project
  • February 17th – 5PM : Teams complete their 1st graded assignment
  • week of February 20th : 30-minute meetings between the teams and their tutors to discuss research findings and preliminary ideas for solutions
  • March 3rd – 5PM : Teams complete their 2nd graded assignment week
  • March 6th : 30-minute meetings between the teams and their tutors to discuss their presentation drafts
  • March 10th – 5PM : Teams complete their 3rd graded assignment
  • March 16th & 17th :  30-minute final rehearsal of videos in front of the jury
  • March 30th – 6.30PM to 8.30PM : Final presentations in front of the company, followed by feedback, critique and awards.


The Company Cases is a challenging, interesting and career developing exercise for ABSParis’ students who will work hard to find solutions for real world challenges. It remains an open question to see whether they will find innovative and relevant recommendations, and show their ability to adapt and work in a productive and efficient way.