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Minds of ABSParis : Sarah A., BBA3, School Ambassador

ABSParis & You

Name: Sarah

Age: 22

Nationality: French/Algerian

Spoken languages : French, Arabic (Algerian), English

Program: BBA 3years, International Business

Why ABSParis?: When I was in high school I did an internship in Dublin and I realized that an international career maybe what would be the best for me. So I started looking for a BTS* in International Business but ended up doing a BTS in Management. During those 2 years, I was looking for a business school because I knew I wanted to keep studying and learning. I found The American business school in Lyon but it wasn’t so convenient. Further research led me to The American Business School of Paris.

Favorite teacher / course: Moreen Ach (Critical Reading & Writing) and Baber Mirza (E-Commerce & E-Business)

Semester abroad? Where? Not yet but I’d love to go to The American University of Dubai. I’ve been there once and I’ve loved it. And it is a place that has seen a tremendous growth so there are many opportunities top catch there. And as it’s a country where you can speak Arabic and English, I’ll be able to practice as I absolutely want to be fluent in those languages. It’s part of my goals.

Professional experience while at ABSParis: I work at BHV Marais weekly as a sales person. I found that job thanks to Mrs Pascale Ginet, Corporate Relations Manager, who developed a partnership with BHV Marais and who introduced me to them. I like it because it makes me feel more responsible : as I work while studying, I need to manage my time and it pushes me to organize better between classes, homework, my job and keep some spare time.

Dream job: I would like to be a weeding planer, yes you read it good! I’ve always admired this profession, it allows to express your creativity and combine it with the rigor of management. The ultimate situation would be to work as a wedding planner in the USA : there are many opportunities, people tend to hire a planner there more than in France, and they are globally more quirky.

Dream company: Mine. I’d love to create my own business, work on every aspect of its organization, elaborate my own strategy, lead a team, put in practice what we’re studying.


Juicy Juicy

3 words to describe yourself: funny, serious, generous

Personal goals: Build my life and reach success in an Arabic country.

1 person who inspires you: Why? My father, he is an Algerian fighter.

Favorite place in Paris: I love Paris but I do not have a favorite place in Paris. This city is just magic and you feel that magic everywhere!

Soul food or French brasseries: Hum I’m more of a traditional North African cuisine lover.

Silicon valley or French touch: Silicon valley

Latest post on FB: A meme about self love ahah

What was your favorite birthday present? A bracelet, thats my parents gave me.

Tell us a secret: When I put my make-up on, I imitate Beauty YouTubers by commenting what I’m doing. I think it’s too funny, you should try ahah

Who should we interview next?  So many people : Antonin, Houzmah, Valentin, Axelle, Badre, Malak,…


*In France, A BTS is an intense 2-year program of higher education that gives you academic and technical knowledge, and combines that with multiple professional experiences such as internships. BTS stands for « Brevet de Technicien Supérieur », meaning Technician Certificate.