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4 reasons why Paris is the best city for international students

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Studying abroad teaches you things that a class can never teach you… It is the best way the complement your undergraduate curriculum with an international experience. After the US and England, France is the third most popular destination for international students. Thousands of them come here every year to find out what’s so attractive about studying in Paris! Here are the 4 reasons why you should choose Paris for your international experience.

#1 One of the most chic and romantic cities in the world

You’ll see: Paris will forever hold a piece of your heart. The city, the art, the culture and the long walks along the Seine are some amazing pleasures that you want to experience at least once in a lifetime. Ernest Hemingway said on living in Paris: “The memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other”…

#2 Paris is visually stunning…

If stimulation is something you fancy on a daily basis, then Paris is the place to go. The City of Light is brimming with colors, textures, shapes and designs that will tickle your appetite for urban beauty. Paris is indeed a sight to behold on so many levels.

#3 Some nice hidden gems to discover

The French capital is home to some of Europe’s most famous museums, landmarks and monuments. As an international student in the American Business School of Paris, you’ll be encouraged to tap into your inner tourist! While key places like Eiffel Tower and the National Museum of the Renaissance will bore you after a few visits, the Jardin of Luxembourg beehives, the covered food markets, the historic theaters and taxidermy shops are some hidden gems that will leave an indelible mark on your stay in Paris.

#4 France’s tradition of welcoming international students

As you may already know, France is one of the best countries for education. The home of Voltaire, Descartes and other legends welcomes since the Middle Ages foreign students from all across the world. France is keen on providing top of the line curriculums for international students. A vigorous support policy was introduced by the government back in 1998 to encourage foreign students to attend college in France. But the thing that you’ll enjoy the most is Paris’ unconquerable way of living!