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Minds of ABSParis : Houzmah G., Fashion & Luxury, ABSParis ambassador

ABSParis & You

Name: Houzmah

Age: 26

Nationality: Mauritian

Spoken languages : French, English, Mauritian Creole, Urdu

Program: Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management

Why ABSParis?: I must admit that the English language being omnipresent in the pedagogy was an asset of the school as I’ve always loved this language. I was born in Mauritius and studied there in English for 12 years. There, I also obtained a degree issued by the University of Cambridge in English Literature. After finishing my bachelor degree in law at Paris Descartes, I wanted to pursue my dream to be in the fashion industry but I also wanted an English program. When I came across the American business school’s bachelor degree in fashion, a program completely in English, I decided to enroll immediately.

Favorite teacher / course: Morene Ach and Baber Mirza because they share similar personalities. They are both great teachers as well as great human beings. Both are very open-minded, they have a great sense of humor and the list goes on and on. It was fun having classes with both of them. Last semester, 2017 Fall semester, I loved Morene Ach’s Fashion Through Ages course and Michael McCarthy’s History of Art because I’m an Art lover.

Semester abroad? Where? Not yet but I would love to spend a semester in New York, to experience the American dream.

Professional experience while at ABSParis: While doing my studies at ABSParis, I’m also working as a part time secretary in the luxury real estate market. It is actually my first job experience and it taught me the value of hard work and money, as well as shaping my understanding of the world. It’s a good job to get me started on the path of future success.

Dream job: Marketing Manager

Dream company: LVMH

Juicy Juicy

3 words to describe yourself: Funny, sociable and open-minded

Personal goals: I have so many goals but I’ll only mention 2 of them : one for social improvement, and one for my own experience, my selfish goal. The first one is to raise enough money and help promoting education for girls in developing countries. As we all know, girls all around the world face discrimination but in developing countries especially, girls hardly have access to education and today, education is a powerful tool! And as for my selfish goal, I would love to travel around the world, why not in 80 days.

1 person who inspires you: Why? Only one person? Hard choice.. But I’d like to say myself in a humble way, but the merit partly goes to my relatives. The events in my life and my surroundings at some particular moments have inspired me, they have transformed me into a new person.

Favorite place in Paris: I work in the 7th arrondissement at Les Invalides and it is the prettiest place in Paris. First of all, the 7th arrondissement is known for its tourist attractions like the Seine, the Alexandre III bridge, Hôtel des invalides where Napoleon was buried, their museums, the Orsay museum, the Rodin museums and even the Louvre museum is on the other side of the seine. Secondly, the most beautiful avenue of the world is nearby. And last but not least, wherever you are in the 7th arrondissement, you can lay your eyes on the magnificent Eiffel Tower, even from my office I can see the beautiful iron lady and I’m not talking about Margaret Thatcher.

Soul food or French brasseries: Even though I would kill for some French cuisine, I’m always down for soul food.

Silicon valley or French touch: That’s a tough one, what about the Ameriench touch!

Latest post on FB: A picture of me and my girlfriends on vacation.

What was your favorite birthday present? For my 25th birthday, my lovely friends surprised me with a very touching gift. As I got back home from dinner, I found my apartment filled with colorful balloons with all kind of messages written on them. I feel very blessed to have such awesome friends.

Tell us a secret:  I don’t know how to swim even though I’m from Mauritius.

Who should we interview next?  Alex or Valentin!