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Minds of ABSParis : Ruxandra I., Fashion & Luxury, CIS President

ABSParis & You

Name: Ruxandra

Age: 20

Nationality: Romanian

Spoken languages : Romanian, English,French, Spanish

Program: Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management

Why ABSParis?: I have had a passion for fashion ever since I can remember and I have always wanted to study abroad and later on build an international career. When the time to look for universities came, I began searching for European business schools that offer a program in fashion and luxury, and I came across ABSParis. I was convinced by the fact that The American Business School of Paris has a very international student community and having friends from all over the world has always been one of my dreams.

Semester abroad? Where? No, I am already abroad here in Paris and I am not yet ready to leave this beautiful city.

Professional experience while at ABSParis: In my high school years I was the vice president of the Students’ Council, so I have been organizing events for a very long time. I wanted to do the same in university, and, in my first day at ABS, the first thing I asked the CIS president was how I could join the team. Long story short, I eventually became a member and now I am the president of CIS and I love it. The CIS team is very united and organized and we all work hard towards planning the best and funniest events.

Dream job: Chief Marketing Officer.

Dream company: A luxury brand.


Juicy Juicy

3 words to describe yourself: Hardworking, organized, friendly.

Personal goals: I am working hard towards becoming the CMO of a luxury company. I take the knowledge I am given in class, and then I research on my own and try to understand this industry as well as possible.

1 person who inspires you: Why? Professionally I would have to say Edward Razek, the CMO of Victoria’s Secret. I love seeing what he does with the brand and watching him create the most beautiful shows in the history of fashion. Following his work helps me better understand how you can play with a brand and make it bigger with every day that passes.

Favorite place in Paris: It’s really hard to pick one, but Jardin du Palais Royal is probably my favorite place to go.

Soul food or French brasseries: French brasseries! I can recommend the brasserie Les Saisons in the 9th district of Paris!

Silicon valley or French touch: I’d say a little of both is the best mix!

Latest post on FB: Well I changed my profile picture.

What was your favorite birthday present? A Pandora bracelet charm in the shape of a crown.

Tell us a secret:  It’s not really a secret but… ABSParis is the best school (winks).

Who should we interview next?  Valentin!