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MyStudApart, a housing solution for students

HEP, the collective founded by IGS Group schools and the « Réseau de Compétences et Développement » (proficiency and development network), recently launched MyStudApart. And it’s going to change students’ lives!

MyStudApart is basically a websites that gathers all the housing offers dedicated to students‘ demand. They will no longer need to check multiple websites in order to find a place to live at the best price. They will be able to compare all the offers directly on the websites and choose in an easier way.

The website offers 4 kinds of services:

  • finding a place to rent
  • finding a roommate or integrating a flat-share
  • subleasing a place
  • finding a temporary place to live

To be able to use the website, admitted and enrolled students need to ask the link and key-code to their school.


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