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2017 MBA Tour in San Francisco, CA

The MBA program includes a tour in the Silicon Valley, the goal is to take our future entrepreneurs and project managers to discover this dynamic region. Famous all around the world, the Silicon Valley releases so much creativity and innovation. The [Read more…]

Étudiant Magazine rewards the American Business School of Paris

To start this new year, the Étudiant Magazine established a ranking in order to determine the best business schools according to precise criteria such as the integration in the work place for foreign students. The 2017 ranking of business schools [Read more…]

Professional Advisory Board : HAYS and the ABSParis discuss on needed skills with companies

On December,9th 2016, the American Business School of Paris and HAYS organized the Professional Advisory Board in Paris, on the Parodi campus. The goal of this great meeting was to understand the companies’ demands on the skills they need their employees and partners to [Read more…]

3 differences between Islamic finance and conventional finance

With over 500 Islamic financial institutions in over 80 different countries, Islamic finance’s future seems to be promising. Appeared in the 1970’s, this alternative finance is based on a simple principle: the respect of Islamic ethics. It has already managed [Read more…]

3 Keys to intercultural communication

Speak a new language, get used to a different environment, integrate a new social framework… Those undertakings are to put one’s adaptability to the test! Indeed, getting and living with people from different cultures can be challenging but it is [Read more…]

Luxury brands can no longer ignore sustainability

If everyone lived like Europeans, we’d need 3 planets to support us. It is quite a challenging time for the luxury industry. While earnings continue to rise, the pathway is facing the same issues as the other industries: global warming, [Read more…]

Successful entrepreneurs: they started at the bottom…

While some still waste their time seeking endlessly for a magic potion to instant entrepreneurial success, others soon realized that the only real path is to set up a real business that employs real people who provide real products to [Read more…]

Relive ABSParis’s 30th Anniversary!

On February 11th, 2016, The American Business School of Paris celebrated its 30th Anniversary with its alumni, teachers, students and other special contributors. We would like to thank the people who took part of this meaningful event and enabled us to [Read more…]

Testimony: BBA freshman student – Part time job

My working experience at the Galeries Lafayette My name is Thomas Eynaud. I am freshman student who aims to get a BBA with a major in finance. When I joined the American Business School of Paris in September 2015, I [Read more…]

Why is Paris still the fashion capital of the world?

Every fashion historian will tell you that Paris has been ruling the high seas of fashion since the 17th century (yes, fashion historian is a true job). What makes a city a fashion capital? Is it history? If so, you [Read more…]