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MyStudApart, a housing solution for students

HEP, the collective founded by IGS Group schools and the « Réseau de Compétences et Développement » (proficiency and development network), recently launched MyStudApart. And it’s going to change students’ lives! MyStudApart is basically a websites that gathers all the housing offers [Read more…]

Minds of ABSParis : Ruxandra I., Fashion & Luxury, CIS President

ABSParis & You Name: Ruxandra Age: 20 Nationality: Romanian Spoken languages : Romanian, English,French, Spanish Program: Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management Why ABSParis?: I have had a passion for fashion ever since I can remember and I have always wanted to study abroad [Read more…]

Minds of ABSParis : Houzmah G., Fashion & Luxury, ABSParis ambassador

ABSParis & You Name: Houzmah Age: 26 Nationality: Mauritian Spoken languages : French, English, Mauritian Creole, Urdu Program: Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management Why ABSParis?: I must admit that the English language being omnipresent in the pedagogy was an [Read more…]

Minds of ABSParis : Antonin G., MBA, basketball player

ABSParis & You Name: Antonin Age: 26 Nationality: French, more precisely from, Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe Spoken languages : French, English, Creole Program: Initially I came to finish a few classes I needed to validate my Bachelor degree in Finance from my time [Read more…]

Entrepreneurship: from Paris to New York!

If you’re familiar with what’s going on in the European entrepreneurship scene, you know that Paris lags behind the likes of Berlin and London. However, things seem to be changing. In 2009, the French government created the “auto-entrepreneur” status to [Read more…]

Minds of ABSParis : Sarah A., BBA3, School Ambassador

ABSParis & You Name: Sarah Age: 22 Nationality: French/Algerian Spoken languages : French, Arabic (Algerian), English Program: BBA 3years, International Business Why ABSParis?: When I was in high school I did an internship in Dublin and I realized that an [Read more…]

Minds of ABSParis: Mustafa K., BBA4, Soccer player & member of Communication Team

  ABSParis & You ! Name: Mustafa K. Age: 23 Nationality: French Languages spoken: French ,English, Spanish & Turkish Program: BBA International Business – 4th year Why ABSParis? I registered at ABSParis on January 2015 and I was amazed by [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day, love at ABSParis

Last Tuesday, ABSParis and the CIS organized a full event for Valentine’s Day! The whole day was a success and all the students from IGS Group’s schools enjoyed the festivities in the hall of 12Parodi! When you hear February 14th, you [Read more…]

Company Case 2017 : students developing solutions for real world challenges that companies are facing

  ABSParis’ students are tomorrow’s international managers! What’s better than practicing what you have learned in the classroom with real world company problems? That’s the goal of the Company Case Project.   The Company Case Project is a capstone activity for [Read more…]

Étudiant Magazine rewards the American Business School of Paris

To start this new year, the Étudiant Magazine established a ranking in order to determine the best business schools according to precise criteria such as the integration in the work place for foreign students. The 2017 ranking of business schools [Read more…]